Meraki Therapy Neck Wrap - 15 x 65 cm

299,00 kr


Use this therapy pillow from Meraki whenever you want to relax or need some well-deserved pampering. The stuffing consists of clay beads while the cover is made of linen and cotton. Is your lower back or neck sore? Use the pillow as a heat pad by heating it in the microwave. If you have a sprain or a swelling, put the pillow in the freezer for a while and use it as a cold pack. The cover can be removed and washed.

How to use the pillow:
Remove all tags and make sure your microwave is clean and the turntable can rotate freely. Put the pillow in the microwave and make sure to distribute the weight evenly. Heat it in 10-second intervals and never for more than a minute total. After each interval, check the temperature of the pillow and rotate it. Wait 20-30 seconds before using it. To cool the pillow, place it in a sealed bag and leave it in the freezer for 2 hours


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